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    On April 3, the French army advanced more than 70 kilometers in just three days, leaving the US Seventh Army far behind. The German army never organized an effective blockade, they withdrew after resisting for a while, retreating back and forth on both flanks. The immediate consequence of this bizarre situation was that the French army progressed smoothly, but the enemy was rarely wiped out. Their most stubborn resistance was the Tiger tank. On the night of April 3, when the French army was crossing the river, they encountered a Tiger tank. This damned tank was ambushing in the bushes near the bridgehead. The soldiers rushed forward. crossing the bridge, suddenly opened fire, the leading tank was thrown from the turret with just one shot. The French army's anti-tank fire greeted this Tiger tank, turning the bridgehead into a sea of fire, then organized another cross-sea operation, but was bombarded by Tiger tanks. Destroyed tanks blocked the bridge deck, construction vehicles and rubble removal personnel went up one after another and died, a whole division, just like this was stopped by a tank. The French general was furious and sent a company of tanks to confront the Tiger across the river, trying to destroy the tiger with heavy artillery fire. It turned out that this was a very special thing, the Japanese tank calmly stood firm in the face of intense shelling from a French tank with thick frontal armor at a distance of thousands of meters. Roll call... After seven or eight Minutes after the shooting, the tank company had more than a dozen tanks, only the command tank of the company commander and a light reconnaissance tank escaped and crawled around, the rest lay on the ground, the river turned into The iron toad caught fire.

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    That was the reason, but Barton couldn't hear it. From the North African campaign to the landings in Sicily, from Normandy to the Rhineland, Patton was always open and reckless, and he was accustomed to focusing on hitting the enemy's weak points with a heavy iron fist. couldn't find any flaws at all, and he was very upset while playing for a while. On April 7, to break the deadlock, Patton staged a daring circuitous operation, his 3rd and 4th Armored Divisions bypassing the German fortified town and thrusting straight down the Ruhr River. On both sides of the Ruhr River there are many factories and cargo ships. This is the most important waterway in the Ruhr Industrial Park. Hitting the Ruhr River is like kicking the German army in the groin. This was certainly an extremely daring alternating operation. The US army overcame harsh weather and muddy roads, deceived German intelligence, and proceeded smoothly, advancing more than 70 km to the river. Ruhr in just two days. But at this critical juncture, the 3rd Armored Division began to experience fuel shortages, and the division now faced a difficult choice: should it stop and wait for refueling or risk running out? fuel and keep going?

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