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    Zhong Qiangen somewhat resentfully reprimanded Wang Sufen: "What are you thinking of writing? If we keep returning like this, without completing the task assigned by the Japanese, will we still have a way to go back after returning?" Survive? Forget it, now district chief Luc The said that the party organization has verified our identities, so on the outside we are still recognized as party members. If they want to move us, they must have convincing evidence. , we see that there are more now. Suspicion, no actual evidence. You must know that there are a large number of people across the country fleeing to the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ning border area Xia. The party organization will definitely consider the impact and will not take measures against us without evidence. We can continue to Yan'an, let's play by ear when the time comes.

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    As long as you know the supplies are normal, I have fulfilled my duty to request the matter. If you have other matters, you can report them yourself. : "Have you written it down yet? Ask him to confirm. One click, seal and away we go."

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    The team leader repeatedly flattered him: "You can't say that, you are a person with Director Yan's ability, Director Yan can only rest assured to entrust such an important task to you." don't dare to entrust it to others "What's the matter, I guess director Yan will have the idea to jump off the building. Chief Yin, you still don't know, right? The building of our Stone City branch has been destroyed." set fire."

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    Yukio Fujita waited for Yuan Shuang's words, nodded with satisfaction, stood up and said: "Very good! I really appreciate Yuan Shuang's straightforward attitude. As long as Yuan Shuang can help the imperial army suppress the underground organization of the Communist Party in Stone City, so the royal army will never be stingy in rewarding Yuan Sang! From now on, Yuan Sang has one day to inform his subordinates about the cooperation cooperate with the royal army. I believe that your subordinates will obey you. If there is anyone who dares to oppose this kind of cooperation, the imperial army will severely punish them. Of course, safety of Yuan Tang is also very important, because the military commander already knows that Yuan Tang is collaborating with the imperial army, to just enter In that case, I will specially assign plainclothes officers from the School Special High School to closely guard Yuan Shuang."