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    Liu Nai and the others looked at each other at the strong elf, excitedly looking at each other, "Should we clean up the leak now? The strong elf's storage bag is very sturdy, there should be a lot of good things. something. "

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    Van Ngoc Dung's eyes widened, "If I can't help it, I'll run away too? After all, I'm a monk, those soldiers can't stop me!"

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    hiss! This amount of information is a bit large, "How old is your Taoist friend?"

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    Hearing that, Lieu Nai slowly stood up, stood in front of the young man, took the bottle and poured herself a drink, "It turns out you have serious violent tendencies, okay, I don't mind being a listener, help me." with." Enlightenment then enlightenment, how to call it?

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    Purdue Chanyuan, this is a very popular name in the world, after all there are many Buddhist sayings about Cihang Purdue, and not only Buddhism, but also Liu Nai's past life, the mythology of various national systems Experts actually have about Styx such an arrangement, gods that can help souls cross the River Styx or the sea of suffering is very wonderful.

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    "What you're thinking?"

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    A slightly envious voice rang in his ear. Lieu Nai turned his head to look at his big brother and said loudly: "Yes, in the world of killing people in Bach Dao! I'm afraid this move won't work! my life." After all, we are not swordsmen.

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    You Qi paused for a moment and said: "Before she went into exile, her father named her Princess Co!"

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    Your Royal Highness, you are so frugal. My Royal Highness, you actually trained your body!

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    Lieu Nai embarrassedly scratched her head, clearly the truth was extremely profound, why was the junior sister's mouth so vulgar?

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    But perhaps because most of the original owners died miserably, most of these things do not contain any danger, of course not all, let alone Liu Nai and Van Ngoc Dung discovered three types of spiritual materials. fluctuating characteristics

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    Thanh Kiet was angry, "Sister harmed you for no reason!"

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    Lieu Nai narrowed his eyes and continued uncertainly: "So... the Emperor is not an expert. The reason he was able to suppress the palace was all... a strategy?"

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    The black fire replaced the original guard formation on the Kuhailou, causing the entire ship to catch fire. Right now, what was in front of them was like a lighted hill.

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    "Wait!" Van Ngoc Dung suddenly interrupted, "If that's the case, why is Kiem Dao Son still entangled with the Luu Ly Immortal Sect? Just wait quietly, waiting for the altar leader to take the Luu Ly Immortal Sect away together, but it won't work." ! "

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    Qingjie (⊙_⊙)?It seemed like he was still complaining about Chan Daoshan's way of working, but he didn't hear it.

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    "Oh? Why do you have this on you?" Ta Loi touched his bald head and looked at A Lac with mysterious eyes.

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    That's crossing a hurdle, it's always been very dangerous! What if the Taoist Suyan dies? Where will the Nine Yin Chan Sutras go in the future? What should I do if no one is piloting the Kuhai Tower Ship?

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    After the master left, there weren't many brothers. In the future, he might be homeless. Even his plan to escape was stopped by Tianlei. From this point of view, he was completely defeated by calculation.