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    Even for them, this may not be a good thing, because when Sun Chunming goes up, the judge position will be vacant, because of Zhao Guangmei's face, the Beijing government has ruled, he I absolutely cannot go up, but The old subordinates before Sun Chunming were all Zhao Guangyi's people, and they just wanted to install themselves for a while, and they didn't know who to choose, it was empty.

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    The rest of the secret plan continued as usual. Finally, three months later, Luoyang welcomed the missions sent by the Northwest feudal lords, and the sharpened knife of the Sun family. has finally arrived.

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    In desperation, Zhao Dezhao had no choice but to grit his teeth and scream at Sun Yue: "Sun Yue, you've had enough, what are you going to do!"

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    In addition to the labor force, Luoyang's development is also inseparable from capital and resources, which requires Sun Chunming to absorb the power of local merchants and tyrants on a large scale, he hopes. These people will twist together so that everyone will become better and better. .

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    "This Gia Ma Anh, I've always been coming to this place since I was a child, and I know it very well. I remember that when I was a child, I loved playing with wooden horses. Teacher Truong gave it to me... Is this Gia Ma Anh?" Ung?”

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    "Hmph! Of course, we should destroy Southern Tang first, then pacify Ngo Viet. Do you still want to object?"

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    "How do you plan to deal with him?" The bright red woman's lips were slightly parted, her eyes flashed, she held her bloodline in her hand, it seemed like if Ton Nguyet didn't answer well, she would bite him off.

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    As long as it continues to develop step by step, Luoyang will have the qualifications to become a capital in at most one or two years. If the other side is still loud, he can completely control the entire Kaifeng, this is the truth. is crushing the financial nature of business, it is a general trend, human resources cannot resist.

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    heard that he did all of this for his wife, tsk tsk, really... tsk tsk, why didn't I see Ton Nguyet as such an unwise person before, I heard that almost All the women in the capital and Luoyang now praise him. Reading Sun Yue's poetry all day, they want to marry such a loving and righteous man.

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    Having said that, Mo Dung Viem blew out the lamp, put on his clothes, then closed his eyes and fell asleep, feeling empty in his heart.

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    Zhao Guangyi suddenly felt a crisis, because for so many years, he was like a fish in water. Relying on the collusion between government, business and the military, he was like a spider, diligently weaving a A large network connects everyone in the corner of the empire, but at this moment he suddenly discovered that there was someone more powerful than him!

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    One word: money!

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    An army's intelligence is like the sea, its generals are like a boat, water can overturn the boat, who dares to force the basic interests of soldiers? Furthermore, the devil knows if there is someone plotting behind this rumor, perhaps it is something special. Zhao Kuangyin could not help but know about Chen Qiao's mutiny that year, even his first reaction Normal person Sun Yue did it herself. .

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    Sun Yue and Murong Yan were so hungry that they couldn't help it, and they were too embarrassed to wait while eating, so they had no choice but to nibble each other. Just when they got a little excited, Han Derang arrived, with Sun Chunming next to him.